Sorry I forgot to post a Mood Music Monday post yesterday but I was busy writing. Actually I’m still writing. If you’re interested, I’m working on a paper on the role of attorneys in the Department of Justice’s Office of Legal Counsel within the broader context of the national security enterprise…

You don’t care. I know this. But I wanted to paint a picture of the amount of fun I’m not having right now…

For the most part, I’ve been working diligently and so I keep listening to this song to maintain a positive outlook on life and remind myself that my senior year of college is quickly coming to a close and I should not take my last few weeks for granted.

Today it’s a very Seattle day in Mid-MO and this song really has that rainy day vibe, so dig it.



Your Sister’s Sister

I’m a little sleepy this morning because I stayed up until 3 am this morning watching a FANTASTIC movie last night. It really was very irresponsible of me since I’m staring a 20 page paper in the face (due tomorrow; but don’t worry, I have 7 pages!). Here is a brief synopsis of Your Sister’s Sister, starring Emily Blunt, Mark Duplass (adorable), and Rosemarie DeWitt:

Jack (Mark D.) is having a rough time following the death of his brother, whom Iris (Emily B.) briefly dated. Jack and Iris are BFFs and since Jack is kind of losing his mind, Iris suggests that he bike up to her parents’ cabin on an island in the Seattle area. Might I mention that the scenery is so beautiful. Anyway, when Jack gets to the cabin, which he thinks is going to be empty, he sees a woman inside (without pants on). After a minor freakout involving an oar (just watch the movie), Jack finds out that the woman in Iris’s sister Hannah. They end up drinking tequila together and swapping sob stories and even though Hannah is a lesbian, she agrees to have sex with Jack. I don’t want to give away the good bits, but trouble ensues when Iris shows up at the cabin the morning after to hang out with Jack.

Mark Duplass, Emily Blunt and Rosemarie DeWitt in Your Sister’s Sister

Jack and Iris have a sleepover

In short, this is a sweet and poignant story of love, family and friendship that brought me tears and laughs and a swelling heart full of love. Mark Duplass is perfect for this movie and he’s so funny. If you watch The League, he is Pete and he’s hilarious. He is also in Safety Not Guaranteed, also starring Parks and Recreation’s Aubrey Plaza (I LOVE APRIL) which is getting awesome reviews on Rotten Tomatoes and is soon to be watched by moi.

The adorable Mark Duplass

Still of Mark Duplass in Your Sister’s Sister

Do yourself a favor and watch this movie; you won’t regret it!

Happy hump day,

Soul Sunday

Uh huh, you know what it is: Soul Sunday. I kind of stole this title from (gag me) Oprah. I do not especially love Oprah- I just don’t trust women who make magazines about themselves- but I have to give it to her, she has some good ideas. I kind of took Soul Sunday and made it my own. Mad props to my girl Alastair (Alex) for making this sign and posting it on my door so no one interrupted my me-time. 


As the sign suggests, SS (as it shall be heretofore abbreviated) is my version of church. I have always said that I’m “spiritual not religious” which my dad says is BS. I just don’t have a lot of love for organized religion and especially not for evangelism. But I’m all for getting in touch with yourself and some nebulous Earth Mother. I always say that I may not believe in “God” in the traditional sense; I definitely don’t believe God is a dude with a beard (or a man at all) but I do believe in Mother Willow from Pocahontas. She’s comforting and wise. So SS is all about getting in touch with your Mother Willow. Here are the ingredients for a perfect SS:

1) Ideally it would be pouring down rain
2) Waking up around 7:45 without an alarm
3) Being the first person up in your house
4) A cup of coffee (it would be best if it were a latté but unfortunately, I’m broke as a joke- I wish it were a joke- so drip is the best I can do) in your favorite mug and a bowl of oatmeal with fresh blueberries. (Sidenote: This is my most specialist mug from Sissy- my aunt- she got it from Tiffany’s in downtown Seattle where we spent the MOST AWESOME, magical day ever sipping lattés and eating chocolate croissants at the Pike Place Market and walking around the city in 70 degree weather after spending a night in a cool hotel. So anyway, this adorable mug is a memento from our perfect day together and it makes me happy every morning when I have my coffee out of it)
5) Mood lighting- no overhead lights allowed 
6) A clean room 
7) Candles– lots and lots of them
8) Either some soft Frank Sinatra, James Taylor or Etta James (Coldplay if you’re feeling REALLY broody- that’s just not a place I like to let myself go very often) OR my personal fave, some Bach by Yo-Yo Ma. The Pride & Prejudice soundtrack is PERFECT for the occasion as well. 
9) Poetry. Some of you might be too cool for poetry. Well that sucks for you. Cuz poetry doesn’t suck. Check out Mary Oliver’s “The Journey.” It really has helped me through some hard times. Also Hafiz. Just nothing too dark or brooding, cuz Soul Sunday is all about self-acceptance and cultivating inner peace. 
10) Solitude. You can’t do SS with a friend, sorry. 
11) A journal. Mine has a van Gogh painting on the front, which I really like. I hate “journaling” so I mostly draw, collage, and tape poems or NY times articles in it) 
12) Pajamas. For the love of god, don’t even try to do SS in jeans. That will ruin everything. 
13) A comfy chair and a desk. Shout out to ma boo Clare for gifting the rolly desk chair to me (which I keep forgetting to pay for…sorry!) It really makes Soul Sunday. 
14) A good book. My current undertaking is Anna Karenina by Tolstoy. I am really loving it. I try to read a few chapters every day. 

I think that about covers it! Go ahead and give Soul Sunday a whirl; you won’t regret it!
Peace and love,


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