I am on break, which essentially means my life consists of nothing. I literally do nothing besides sit on my butt and noodle around the internet and watch the West Wing. Although I did get a flu shot and mail a check today, so on the break scale I was incredibly productive.

Today I also took a very interesting personality quiz on BuzzFeed entitled “Which Food Network Chef is Your Spirit Animal?”. Unfortunately, due to my disappointing results I cannot recommend others to take the quiz as I believe that this quiz does not accurately capture a true summary of a person’s personality and character. Which Food Network chef is my spirit animal, you ask? Drumroll please.

“You got: Rachael Ray

You’re obsessed with SPEED. If it takes longer than 30 minutes to cook, you might as well just throw it out and start again. If the bus goes below 55 mph, it will EXPLODE. You use a lot of conditioner in your hair, which shows that you take life seriously, but in a FUN way. You’re most compatible with Guy Fieri and Sandra Lee. Watch out for Alton Brown.”

RACHAEL RAY?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

I am thoroughly upset. I am nothing like Rachael Ray…except that I almost got a ticket for reckless driving (and luckily was able to avoid the reckless driving charge but not the ticket), I hate waiting for my food to cook, and I use WAY too much conditioner in my hair. Although I don’t understand how that means I take life seriously in a “FUN” way. I can confidently say that I would never be good friends with Sandra Lee. I would have to get a different contact prescription for all of those soft lenses she uses and canned things almost always freak me out. Also, I LOVE Alton Brown, but to be honest, he would probably annoy me in real life. Guy Fieri would definitely annoy in real life like he does on the television.

Rachael Ray just annoys me with her voice and her affinity for “EVOO”. I would probably really like her in real life.

I’m going to continue taking the quiz until I get someone I like, but not Giada, because her head is so large.

Someone find me a newspaper to read.


UPDATE: I got Bobby Flay. I’m very pleased with my previous Rachael Ray result in comparison.


Jolly Ol’ England

On Wednesday I am traveling across the pond to study abroad in Winchester, England for a semester!!! Woooooo!


I am quite excited for this adventure but I am also going to miss Ahn, Lys, and Albs and our apartment and all of my other wonderful friends! Greer is coming too. We’re flying on an airplane together…for, like, ten hours.

Guess which one is Greer

Guess which one is Greer

Don’t worry there will be a blog post about it.

Speaking of blog posts! Greer and I will be doing an added page to this blog about our travels entitles “Cockney Confidential”. All credit goes to Ahn on the awesome title.

It makes me sad to know I won’t be in Fulton to blog with Ahn, but we will be reunited soon and I am incredibly anxious to share with you all my time, travels, and studies in England!



Williamsburg, Virginia

I am a proud Virginian. I love the great beauty and the important part it played in our nation’s history. I also don’t mind the fact that Virginia is a swing state…election years are only that more exciting, which is truly exhilarating for a political junky like me. I’m sure you already recognized that trait in me from the election (Obama won…Virginia voted for Obama…just a friendly reminder, another reason why I love my state).

Another reason I love Virginia is Williamsburg, Virginia, specifically Colonial Williamsburg. We lived in the Tidewater region of Virginia when my parents were stationed at Langley AFB (about half an hour away from Williamsburg), so I have been well acquainted with the Williamsburg area since I was little and we’ve been back to visit at least 10 or 12 times. I have always loved it.



Colonial Williamsburg can best be described as a living museum that offers an exciting and fun way for visitors to understand and experience colonial living in pre-revolutionary America in a hands-on fashion. Guests can walk down dirt roads, experience beautiful colonial architecture, learn the different trades of the time through demonstrations, and interact with actors posing as real “colonial” people. There tends to be a cheese factor with the costumes and old-timey talk and accents, but you have to get into the spirit of the historical atmosphere! You can even dress up yourself (although it’s a lot cuter on kids under the age of 10)! Most importantly, it is a great way to learn the history of our nation in general and the importance Williamsburg and Virginia played in our nation’s creation.

I love Williamsburg any time of the year, but my favorite time is during the winter season. All of the houses are decorated in a traditional Christmas fashion with candles in windows and beautifully decorated wreathes and greenery.




This turned out a little grainy...but look! A colonial bonfire!

This turned out a little grainy…but look! A colonial bonfire!

Also grainy, but that's the Governor's Mansion in the background!

Also grainy, but that’s the Governor’s Mansion in the background!

Beautiful! If you’ve never been to Williamsburg before you should really make a trip! It’s awesome. ‘Nuff said.



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