Merry Christmas Eve!

Hooray, hooray it’s almost Christmas day!!!

I just came home from a wonderful Christmas Eve with my entire family. We ate (and ate), laughed, and sang carols around the piano. It was wonderful and we get to do it all again tomorrow and the next day, Boxing Day! Yes, we’re pretty much the only family in America that celebrates Boxing Day but we just can’t get enough of each other. Right now my mom, little sister and I are watching “A Christmas Story” and finishing wrapping up presents for my cousins and family.

In honor of Christmas Eve, I wish to share my favorite Christmas Eve song featuring, yes, Kermit the Frog. As you can probably tell I am a huge fan of the Muppets and if you don’t like them then you’re not my friend. Unless, you’re all of my closest friends who tell me that the Muppets are creepy. Why am I friends with these people?! Oh well, I love them anyways and that’s true friendship, I suppose.

Merry Christmas!




I’m Still Here!


I’m sorry I’ve been MIA! Hopefully Ahn doesn’t hate me. I’ve been home on “break” and my mom has put me on Christmas cookie duty, which has taken up my entire life. Seriously, I’ve baked hundreds of cookies this past week.

We take our cookies very seriously around Christmas time. We always give cookies to…well, everyone essentially and we always make at least 5 different kinds of cookies. My personal favorite though are the white chocolate and cranberry cookies. They. are. delicious. I will share them with you on one condition…

Ok, I don’t really have a condition and if you google “White Chocolate Cranberry Cookies” then they should come up. We use the Food Network recipe.

I’m very excited for Christmas to come. Also, Ahn, I feel you might appreciate this little Tiny Tim tune:




I just stumbled across this video on the blog That Kind of Woman. It doesn’t look like much and really it isn’t, but this video is so beautifully simple. Sometimes you just need to see something like this. Watch and enjoy. Video from Vimeo courtesy of Tiger in a Jar. Love, Ahn.

<p><a href=”″>the art of making bread</a> from <a href=””>tiger in a jar</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

Mood Music Monday

Sorry for the lateness of my post. I spent this morning shadowing Mr. W (aka Clar’s dad) in court. Afterwards, we went out for a fantastic lunch. I spent the rest of the day napping and then this evening I went out to dinner with Clar’s parents and their friends. I had a fantastic filet! Every experience I’m having here is making me sadder and sadder that I’m leaving on Wednesday. Everyone in the south is so welcoming and hospitable and it just seems like people look for reasons to be nice to each other. I’m sure this is not entirely true, but from the outside looking in it seems true enough. Before school got out I realized that I had not completed a GenEd requirement and that I would have to take an online class (THANK YOU FOR MAKING ONLINE CLASSES WESTMINSTER) over the winter break. Although it is a pain, it probably will end up being a good thing to keep me in the scholarly state of mind while I’m home for a month. Anyway, the class I’m taking is Music in the Western World and my first assignment is to write about the following song. I’ve always loved Fanfare for the Common Man, mostly because it sounds so heroic and proud. This piece makes me want to joint the Marines, or at least be Demi Moore in A Few Good Men. Enjoy.


P.S. Stay tuned for a great post on my trip to New Orleans tomorrow. To come: me holding alligators, staying on Bourbon street and a potential visit to a plantation! OH and beignets! OM NOM NOM NOM

A Long Winter Nap

I haven’t yet posted about my trip to Lake Charles, Louisiana to visit one of my biffs, Clars, and her family. Sorry team! I’ve been so busy having fun that I haven’t had the time yet. I shall post more on my trip later- including the 13 hour car ride, the INCREDIBLE gumbo, my first ever trip to a casino, Christmas decorations on palm trees, our new friends and Rascal the elder Corgi. For now, we are about to settle in for a viewing of Arthur Christmas with the family and what will probably be a long winter’s nap for Ahn.
More on this later! Toodles,



Winter Wonderland

My favorite time of year is the transition from fall to winter. I love the cold. I love the snow. I love drinking coffee, snuggled up with my dog on the couch at home, watching birds flit around the backyard. Ideally, there is also a cozy fire burning in the fireplace. Even though I’m pretty convinced I have Seasonal Affective Disorder (or at least I like to claim that I do), I even kind of like that it gets dark early, so people are forced to go inside and cuddle up! In celebration of my favorite season, I have compiled my favorite holiday images that make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

presents 50524827039153999_s82ncmn8_c 136163588703427865_Z5vB3WIV_c 211317407485133906_tRuTdegS_c 288089707382953401_6DcwpyWf_b 288089707383067662_W1KTQ2dS_c 288089707384941777_FXbJaC9n_c 288089707384943098_5ARxiEzE_c 288089707385032502_Qk12UAVm_cHappy Holidays,


Big Things Are Happening!

We got a new blog theme! Woop! I basically decided that we could use something a little more adult and funky. Unfortunately, I have spent an hour searching blog themes in what has been a very successful attempt at procrastinating. It’s still finals week, though… Here are some awesome quotes. Image



In response to that awful “Ben Stein” chain post on Facebook…

I’m procrastinating (shocker) and trolling around on Facebook. I’ve noticed that a few people have re-posted that rather offensive Ben Stein “quote” and it concerns me that people will willingly re-post whatever strikes their little narrow minded fancy. So here’s an interesting little blog post to clear some things up:

People should probably think before they re-post and in my opinion, using the suicide of someone’s child is a disgusting and tactless way to make a point…and not very Christian-like.

In the words of Kermit the Muppet the holiday season is “to spread the news about peace and to keep love alive.” It’s not meant to be used to place blame on others for the tragedies that have befallen this country.

Merry Christmas.


UPDATE: Also, as a Christian responding to another so called Christian, God is constantly searching for us and yearning for us to become close to him. He does not simply leave us because we have left him, and it is not the job of humans to judge others for not turning to God in their everyday lives or in times of crisis. It is our job to love others unconditionally and without expectations for them to change who they are.

Mood Music Monday

It’s Finals Week. So there’s really only one song that’s fitting…
If you’re in college, enjoy your week from hell,

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