Mood Music Monday

I really have been the most neglectful of our baby blog project lately, mostly because life has gotten insanely busy. I recently decided that I AM, after lots of going round and round in circles, going to law school. Of course, this means I have to take the LSAT and my last chance is in December. Which means I have roughly one month to teach myself everything that I need to know. Plus school, plus Theta, plus other clubs and then you gotta sleep some time… But as Tina Fey said and Hahn posted on our whiteboard in the kitchen as our weekly inspiration: “Bitches get stuff done.” So that’s what this B is gonna do. But before I get stuff done, I had to post a Mood Music Monday post. I know Hahn will approve of this choice since we’ve been listening to it on repeat the past two weeks. Florence is the bomb and as Hahn says, this song just makes you feel alive. So feel alive and enjoy. Happy Monday 🙂




Yay! Today is Ahn’s glorious birthday! I am so happy that one of my best friends was born, or else we wouldn’t be friends and that would be sad.

Happy Birthday, Anna. You deserve a beautiful day and only the happiest days for the rest of your life!

Love you!


Toward the Sunshine

Hi friends!

I’m sorry we’ve been MIA, but these past few weeks have been crazy and there are no signs of smooth sailing anytime soon. It’s midterm season and whatnot.

However, here is a little inspirational quote to keep everyone going through long study hours or just simply long work hours.

I hope this helps!

Love always,

Alan Rickman

Ok, I have a confession. Actually, all of my friends know about this so it isn’t really a confession, but if you don’t know about it then you’ll know now (try to say that three times fast).

I have a huge crush on Alan Rickman.

He’s completely beautiful.

And his voice is just perfect.

I don’t care that he’s 60+. If I were to describe my dream man he would be handsome, but not in a classic way, he would be sensitive and soft-spoken. He wouldn’t work out everyday and he wouldn’t need a mirror in the morning, unless he had to shave. His eyes would have a hint of melancholy and he would read the newspaper everyday. He would be a renaissance man, but too humble to admit it, and he would do everything with a sense of passion that inspires everyone around him. This is how I imagine Alan Rickman to be.

Someone find me an institution that can help me and my wandering mind. I need help. Also, I really hope Alan Rickman never sees this.

Oh well,

The Lumineers

I know it’s not Mood Music Monday anymore but I came across this song today and it is SO good that I had to share it. You have the listen to the whole thing- it gets incredible at the end. The whole album is perfect but I especially love this song.

Peace out,

Mood Music Monday

In keeping with the Disney theme we seem to have going on on the blog, my selection for this edition of Mood Music Monday is a classic from Hercules that will really have you feeling like the big girl on campus that you are. If you are feeling like a zero today, turn it around a be a hero (or something…)! In any case, I need this song today because I have three tests this week plus a million other little things that seem to never end. My current state of mind is reminiscent of that scene in the first Harry Potter movie where all the keys turn into stabbing mosquito/bird creatures and start attacking him. I might be playing this video on repeat today. I’m thinking a little Mulan might also do the trick. Take THAT, Monday!


This is awesome…Thanks Thought Catalog

Friday Favorites: Pug Life

If you know anything about me, you know I am OBSESSED with pugs. Actually obsessed is an understatement. Their little scrunched up faces, their asthma (we have things in common), their inability to tolerate extreme weather, their rolls, their curly tails, absolutely everything. One time I was walking on Grand Ave. in St. Louis when all of a sudden I saw up ahead two baby pugs- one fawn and one black. Before I could think about what I was doing, I took off like a bullet and ran up to the two creatures and their owners. I will mention that I was crying. The owners were scared. My parents pretended not to know who I was when they walked past. I thought about dognapping them but ultimately decided against it. One of the great sadnesses of my life is the fact that I am allergic to dogs, thus I will never be able to own a pug (at least an indoor pug). I am resigned instead to watching pug videos on YouTube, so here are some of my faves. If you do anything today, you HAVE to watch the Loca video. Hahn showed it to me and we cry every time we watch it. Truly beautiful.

Have a fabulous Friday,


Today Ahn and I did this:

Lord have mercy. “Have you ever been to Jamolee’s?” Ahn asked. “No, what is it?” I said. “It’s a doughnut shop!” Ahn exclaimed. “There’s a doughnut shop in Fulton?!” I said. “YES!!!!” Ahn excitedly affirmed. “CAN WE GO?!” I yelled. “YES!!!!” Ahn said. So, we did.

Jamolee’s is a cute little doughnut shop near Cake Creations that’s run by a cute little old lady who will be getting to know me and my affinity for eclairs and old fashioned doughnuts very well. I blame Ahn for this, but I’m really quite grateful. “Their doughnuts just melt in your mouth,” Ahn explained to me. How could we resist?

Now I’m sitting here drinking my Dunkin’ Donuts pumpkin spice coffee, listening to Great Big Sea, and my belly is delightfully full. I am one happy camper.

Tonight Ahn and I are getting Little Caesars. It’s fine.


Consequence Free Friday

Ok, I understand that it is in fact Wednesday and not Friday, but the past two days have been so busy that it feels like Friday. When I was little my mom would take my little sister and I out for ice cream every Friday and we would blast “Consequence Free” by Great Big Sea in the car.

I’m sure you’re not familiar with Great Big Sea, because they’re a folk-rock band with a Celtic twist from St. Johns, Newfoundland but they’re awesome. They’re the kind of band you want to listen to when all you want to do is dance, sing, laugh, and feel great about your life. When my entire extended family gets together (which is about 30+ people) we have a huge dance party to Great Big Sea and it’s a grand time. Also, I’ve been to a few of their concerts and they are the only concerts I’ve been to in which people dance in the aisles for the entire show. It’s a blast.

In case you didn’t know I kind of love Canada. I really wanted to go to Canada for college, mostly for the beautiful scenery, cool accents, and the whole fact that you’re in a different country but you’re still in North America, but also for the fact that the drinking age is 18-my mom figured that one out real quick.

Anyway, after two days of fulfilling responsibility and doing work, being consequence free is the first thing on my to do list. This song embodies everything I’m wishing for. You should listen to this if you want to be happy. Also, check out the rest go Great Big Sea’s music because I cannot reiterate how awesome they are.

Here’s another feel good Great Big Sea song:



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